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Light Forklift Trucks 5-9 ton​

The Kalmar DCG90–180 forklift truck is designed to offer you the best possible return on investment over its entire lifespan. Ideal for demanding applications such as steel and wood handling, this next-generation forklift combines low fuel consumption and superior lifting performance with easy maintenance and excellent reliability.

Medium Forklift Trucks 9-18 ton

Kalmar 18-52 ton is our range for the most challenging lifting operations, Kalmar’s heavy-duty forklifts offer everything you need. These powerful, reliable trucks are trusted by customers all around the world for their reliability, flexibility and precision in a wide variety of terminal and heavy-industry applications.

Kalmar Heavy Forklift Trucks 18-33 tonnes.

Introducing a powerful and versatile heavy lifter, the new Kalmar Super Heavy Forklift truck. Capable of shifting extreme loads of up to 85 tons, it handles your heaviest loads with ease. Ideal for steel, concrete and other heavy industries.

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