About Us

Powerparts(K) Ltd is the official authorized dealer of Kalmar.

We have been serving our clients for over forty years and earned a reputation as a highly respected source of quality products and exceptional technical service.

Power Parts Kenya Limited, prides itself on our levels of customer service. Our technical skills and staff are able to provide customers with: 
– Parts stocking and support.
– Equipment application advice and specification.
– Factory order handling and logistics advice.
– Installation and commissioning supervision, plus handling of product factory warranty for all customers.
– Service and maintenance after-sales support, call-out and contract, wear part replacement.
– Equipment/Parts/Accessories assessment and replacement advice.
– Training, operator and technical support.
– Preventative maintenance support with regular customer visits and recommended actions.

We are one of the leading suppliers and maintainer to port equipment. Having served, the Kenya Ports Authority and Tanzania Ports Authority, which are the largest two ports in East Africa at all their different sections including container Terminal, Dockyard, Convectional Cargo Equipment, Forklift Sections and Mobile Plant Units.

We provide services and sales of parts to the entire East African countries in terms of availing repairs and sales of equipment and spare parts of all Kalmar Equipment.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of Experience

Given the opportunity, we will make every effort to avail to your company our best and most effective, efficient, quality and reliable services.

Our Mission

  1. To be a leading global supplier of equipment and services in container, trailer and heavy industrial handling.
  2. To be more than just a machine supplier.
  3. To have a complete range of products and services supported by the best global network in industry.
  4. To be fore front of development both in product technology and value adding services.

Our Vision

We aim to become a service driven solution provider who guarantees availability and performance for its customers . As a market leader, Power Parts (K) Limited is able to shape the future of its industry.

We provide high safety levels and work continuously towards zero accident level. We operate in an ethical and safe manner and develop our employees.

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