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Kalmar TX Terminal Tractor

The Kalmar TX Electric Yard Truck powered by Lithium-ion batteries can operates up to 22 hours on a single charge and be recharged in two hours.

Kalmar T2i Terminal Tractor, Shunt Truck or Yard Truck

The Kalmar T2i is our smartest terminal tractor yet and comes as a complete package; with 2 years free access to Kalmar Insight, a 2 year or 6000 hour standard warranty and a 7 year or 10,000 hour extended warranty on the frame.

Kalmar Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor, Shunt Truck and Yard Truck

The Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor is the latest generation machine from the creator of the terminal tractor in 1958. Designed to bring order, control and efficiency to your trailer handling.

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